French Vegan Chocolate Atelier

Please note that the dark ganache chocolates  have to be consumed within 10 days. After this deadline, the shape can change (little cracks) without affecting the taste. For longer shelf life we recommend the giandujas, marzipans, mendiants and bars.

Thank you and take care

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The Chocolatiers

 Tired of the comfortable life as a psychologist and physiotherapist masseur, Céline and David decided to abandon their habits to open themselves to a life of the unexpected. They leave Reunion Island (French overseas department) with their two children aged 5 and 3 to travel around the globe and enrich themselves with the difference: Cambodia, Philippines, Portugal and finally Canada where they will stay 6 months as "Woofers" (Work On Organic Farms). They have always been passionate about the culinary arts and are more deeply interested in food in relation to human physiology, thus opening up to vegetarianism. At this point, David and Céline begin the very first "plant experiments" emanating from a passion and know-how forged over many years behind the stoves. Once their permanent residence has been granted, they return to Canada in 2017 to the fabulous Okanagan Valley; at the first step of a journey through the universe to which challenges and adventures are presented one by one:  Their participation in the One World Festival in Penticton was the first time they shared their culinary work, which succeeded in seducing tasters and changing some people's minds about vegan products. From there, a proposal emerged to create and cook an all-vegan menu for spiritual retreats (Susan Turner Healing Retreat, Tulameen, British Columbia): starters, main courses and desserts - from breakfast to dinner - while setting up their chocolate factory project.


    Céline Nativel  & David Mullner


Our Philosophy

 Profuse ideas and continuous research set the pace at Maison Mulnati, in which multiple attempts are made to obtain THE flavor-enhancing recipe.

All chocolates are therefore of the "vegan" type; with a reduced sugar content in order to best restore all the aromas. Together, they give pride of place to the fruits of the Okanagan Valley, using local and organic resources in most cases, choosing the fruits themselves from the harvesters.

Céline and David create every day in a traditional way, replacing industrial mechanics with a gestural style filled with life. It is this energy of love that they put together in their creations, in order to share it with as many people as possible.

Whatever the problem, chocolate is always the solution

Consumption and conservation

Maison Mulnati offers you vegan products with an intense taste that will surprise the traditional chocolate lovers. Developed in our workshops, our creations are always fresh and do not contain any chemical preservatives. For this reason we recommend to store the chocolate bonbons in the refrigerator for a good preservation. Our fine chocolates are carefully prepared in our atelier in Penticton, BC, Canada with premium quality ingredients.

All the fruits used for the confection are organic and mainly from the Okanagan Valley.  We personally chose them carefully and treat them in the atelier (cleaning, peeling, pitting, and slicing before making the jellies).  They are used to prepare the low sugar fruit filling contained in some of our bonbons. 

We soak all the nuts in filtrated water to make the bars, the marzipan the pralinés and gianduja to activate them, remove the phytic acid which is an anti-nutrient we can’t digest and also get rid of the indigestible enzyme that avoid the nuts from sprouting. This process reduces inconveniences related to nuts consumption (bloating, digestive disorders...) that many people encounter, and thus make them assimilable by the organism.

Our home made pralinés contain 60% less sugar than regular ones and the original recipe.

Our fine chocolates contain no artificial flavours, no preservative and are willingly low food colouring. They are also GLUTEN FREE.

Considering that our chocolates are low sugar, their shelf life is shorter, sugar being a good preservative agent. We recommend appreciating them within 10 days. After that term, the shape may vary with no consequence on the taste within 20 days for the ganache filled bonbons and over for the nut based chocolates as Marzipans, pralinés/gianduja.

By choosing  Maison Mulnati’s Fine Vegan chocolate, you contribute to help farmers prospering, taking them out of poverty  and nature thriving protecting any lives. Our sustainable and ethical chocolate does not involve any child labour. The world needs your help to build schools, wells for safe water, to support women skills improvement and generate farmer’s income. That’s what Maison Mulnati takes part in. Come and join us!

“Best Consumed By” guidelines for Maison Mulnati’s Fine Vegan chocolates:

  • Chocolate with ganache: 10 Days. After that period, the shape can be altered with no consequences on the taste within 20 days

  • Chocolate with Gianduja or Pralinés : 60 days

  • Orangettes & Citronnettes: 45 days

  • Chocolate Bars: 90 days

  • Hot chocolate sculptures:  90 days

In order to enjoy all the aromas of the chocolates, it is recommended to take them out of the refrigerator about 15 minutes before consumption by keeping them in their closed box, until the latter is at room temperature. This will prevent condensation due to temperature differences.

Our products contain soy lecithin, various nuts and are not suitable for people with allergies.



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Business hours

Sunday  -   Closed

Monday       10a.m.–5p.m. 

Tuesday -   Closed

Wednesday  10a.m.–5p.m.

Thursday     10a.m.–5p.m.

Friday          10a.m.–5p.m.

Saturday      10a.m.–4p.m.

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TEL: 778-581-8283

756 Eckhardt Ave W.

Penticton, BC V2A 2B7

Photography: IMAgenes by Ignacio Munoz Alvarez © 2018