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In our boxes we propose a large variety of bonbons:

- Intense dark ganache with: fresh made coffee, fresh mint infused, coriander seeds infused, organic ginger infused.

- Intense dark ganache with a homemade low sugar organic fruit purée.

- Marzipans:  hand crafted low sugar with activated almonds, the special "Maison Mulnati's " flavour you will not find elsewhere.

- Intense dark giandujas: hand crafted from scratch with activated nuts enhanced by our low sugar recipes to provide  this incomparable taste. (Gianduja = chocolate + praliné)

- Dark chocolate bars with activated roasted nuts.

- Mendiants. (Roasted nuts and dried fruits on a 71% organic solid chocolate square)

- Sugar free and soy free assorted chocolates (contains maltitol) 

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