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HANDCRAFTED INTENSE DARK GIANDUJAS (Low sugar, activated roasted nuts/seeds)

We soak all the nuts in filtrated water to remove the phytic acid which is an anti-nutrient we can’t digest and also get rid of the indigestible enzyme that avoid the nuts from sprouting. This activation process reduces inconveniences related to nuts consumption (bloating, digestive disorders...) that many people encounter, and thus make them assimilable by the organism.

Our home made pralinés contain 60% less sugar than regular ones and the regular recipe.

Almond crispy feuillantine gianduja Contain traces of gluten

Crispy amonds gianduja feuillantine.jpg

Almond gianduja


Crunchy rocher gianduja

sunflower gianduja enriched with roasted almond chunks, roasted almond topping

Rocher almonds gianduja.jpg

Sesame gianduja

sesame gianduja

Crispy heart gianduja

sunflower seeds gianduja+crispy gluten free ball in the center

crispy heart gianduja


Hazelnut gianduja+whole roasted hazelnut on top


Walnut gianduja 

Raw activated walnut gianduja+walnut chunk core and topping

walnut gianduja
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