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The chocolatiers and pastry chefs

Céline and David are travellers. All their life has been full of discoveries. Born in France, they decided to drop their luggages in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in 2017. 

In a natural way, they embrasse their daily routine with this researcher's approach, using all what can be used to create.

Food is a large area to discover and they chose pastries and chocolates to express themselves.

They have always been passionate about the culinary arts and are more deeply interested in food in relation to human physiology. For this reason and naturally attracted by challenges, they chose to create unique delights setting their basis on the regular pastry technics but innovating in a vegan, gluten free and low sugar field to push their boundaries. Their goal is to reach the expectation of the most picky of their clients. The quality of the products they use for their small batch scratch-made creation is a priority.

Ethic is the core of their work. Working with local products anytime it's possible is their main goal to achieve unique creations that gives Maison Mulnati its specific and incomparable touch.



    Céline N. & David M.

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