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Our Philosophy

Unique creations

Profuse ideas and continuous research set the pace at Maison Mulnati, in which multiple attempts are made to obtain THE flavor-enhancing recipe.

Healthy and different

All chocolates are therefore of the "vegan" type; with a reduced sugar content in order to best restore all the aromas. All the nuts and seeds that we used are activated (soak over night in filtrated water then rince thoroughly and dry at low temperature) to remove the phytic acid and make them more digestible and remove the anti-nutrients.

Small handcrafted batches 

Céline and David create every day in a traditional way, replacing industrial mechanics with a gestural style filled with life. It is this energy of love that they put together in their small batch creations, in order to share it with as many people as possible.


By choosing  Maison Mulnati’s Fine Vegan chocolate, you contribute to help farmers prospering, taking them out of poverty  and nature thriving protecting any lives. Our sustainable and ethical chocolate does not involve any child labour. The world needs your help to build schools, wells for safe water, to support women skills improvement and generate farmer’s income. 

They give pride of place to the fruits of the Okanagan Valley, using local and organic resources in most cases, choosing the fruits themselves from the harvesters.

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